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What’s the buzz….. why so many developers are choosing OHM’s WADE product for their development projects?

We choose OHM WADE because it is a powerful business application development tool that enables us to quickly move our existing green-screen Unidata application to the Web environment enhancing functionality and usability, and move it in a piecemeal fashion.
Some of the top features of WADE I believe are (from what I’ve seen):
Display forms
Input forms with Designer
Report writer
The fact that WADE was basically written in WADE.
WADE seems to be the only product out there for Unidata/Universe environment that offers these Web development capabilities with this much ease.
I chose WADE because it adapts to the way we do business; unlike other products that require our business to adapt to their software.

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Post meeting the key members of Spring Time Mattress November 2009 while attending a mattress conference in Florida, they have quickly signed on and embraced the OHM bedding software application. Prior to the licensing of OHM they had been using a variety of off the shelve products to maintain the accounting and sales side. Now with the full OHM package the operations, scheduling, sales and all departments will be completely intergraded for even faster turn around times.
Wickline Bedding Enterprises is the new name of an old player in the mattress industry. With recent change in circumstances there is new ownership of this California mattress manufacture. The Stylusions group from China has entered the US market with their first manufacturing facility. Although they have a hugely successful multiple factory setup in China
and use of software that currently runs their business and regardless of the fact OHM was once in the US Wickline factory, they conducted their own review and search for a strong bedding software package. They emphatically decided on OHM as the vendor of choice to help them with their US operations and hopefully an opportunity to work with them in China.

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